Advanced Articulate Storyline

by The African eLearning Academy

What you will Learn:
This learning experience builds on the basics learned in Articulate Storyline 101 and enables participants to utilise the more powerful aspects of Articulate Storyline.

Who will benefit from attending?

  • Instructional designers and content developers of eLearning content.

Participants in the program will:

  • Apply more advanced skills using triggers
    • i.e. Adjust Variables, execute JavaScript
  • Know how to use conditions, variables, shapes and windows
  • Learn of scenarios of where conditions can be used
  • Have an understanding of  what a state is and able to apply skills when using states
  • Know the best practices when using states
  • Be able to apply advanced skills when using variables        
  • Know how to create data entry slides
  • Know how to create certificates to recall data


  • The programme is offered in classroom format over a period of 2 days
  • In-house sessions are also available at a group rate

Delivery Method:
The course is highly practical, instantly relatable and directly applicable to the participants’ current projects.

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