Annemarie Viljoen

Annemarie Viljoen

Annemarie Viljoen is Founder and Director of FASTFWD CONSULTING. She is an experienced trainer and team facilitator with more than 25+years experience in training, leadership development, business management, recruitment and talent management, and business consulting.  She designs and presents leadership development workshops and training programmes that are tailor-made to suit an organisation’s specific needs.

Annemarie is known for her passion and her interactive style of presenting leadership development, team building, and diversity awareness workshops. She has assisted clients across various industries to improve the performance levels of their Executives, Middle and Senior Managers, leading to improved business performance. 

Annemarie has experience presenting workshops and consulting in different African countries and across cultures. She has a passion for helping people to know themselves, find their purpose and take control of their own lives. She has the knowledge and experience to help people change the way they think and behave.

Annemarie received her Masters degree in Sociology (cum laude) from the University of Johannesburg (previously known as RAU).

This is what her clients have to say:

“All management have benefited directly from the leadership development programme, performance levels have spiked upwards and business performance has improved.”
Stewart Scott, MD G4S Zambia 

“Annemarie has completely transformed a company where the management team worked in silos to a company where management is cohesive, driven and co-operative for the greater good of the company as a whole.”
Pamela Lukoki, HRD, G4S DRC

“Through her Leadership Development and Coaching interventions, she has been able to create motivated teams who understand their own strengths and how to lead themselves, their teams and the organization to achieve desired results.”
Elanie Kruger, Regional Director: Africa; G4S Solutions

“The performance of my team has increased exponentially”
Darryl Moodley, Credit Head, Standard Bank