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Tribute to the Women of Africa

Engaging with Community

Engaging with Ian Warden
Janet du Preez

Inspired by, “Women of SA Work before School” a watercolour painting by Ian Warden

Engaging with: Diversity in the Workplace by Engagement Dynamics

Engaging with Robert Kegan
Janet du Preez

Inspired by, “The Deliberately Developmental Organization” an extended white paper by Kegan, Lahey, Flemming, Miller and Markus.

Youth Day: Remembering for Good

I was recently asked to step in for a friend to train Event Management skills to some City of Johannesburg staff in Soweto. I tasked them with planning some actual events for the practical aspects of this course. One of the groups decided to plan a June 16 commemorative event. During the course of this process we considered possible themes and slogans for the event. I do not know what they finally chose but one particularly intriguing option was, "Remember for Good".