Career Path Appreciation

Career Path Appreciation (CPA)
by Bioss Southern Africa

The CPA helps to pace people’s development at a tempo equal to their current and future capability, resulting in improved productivity and organisational effectiveness and well-being.

The CPA is a 1-on-1 interview during which the candidate has an opportunity to explore and reflect on his/her career, their aspirations, the type of work that they find challenging and stimulating, and elements of work that frustrate them. The CPA Practitioner arrives at an understanding of the type of work that challenges and stimulates the candidate at present as well as how this is likely to develop and mature over time.

It provides the individual and the organisation with information about how individuals prefer to approach work and decision making, and how this will change and develop in the future, within the context of different themes of work. The CPA process is founded on the principles of the Matrix of Working Relationships (MWR) theory.

Uses of CPA:

  • Executive identification and development and recruitment
  • Selection and placement at senior levels in the organisation
  • Platform for mentoring, career path management, competency development
  • Broad based succession planning and organisational interventions

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