Certificate: Organisational Development and Change by WorldsView Academy


This seven-month programme combines four powerful modules to provide individuals with a grounding in the fundamentals of Organisational Development and Change theory and methodology. By growing your skills across these areas, you will be enabled to consult on and support change processes within your clients or organisation.

What will be covered?

  • Module 1: Organisational Development Fundamentals - Appreciate and apply organisation development principles and models
    • What is Organisation Development?
    • Applying OD models
    • OD in the organisation
    • Integrating OD interventions
  • Module 2: Change Management - Understanding and applying the principles of change management in organisations
  • Module 3: Professional Facilitation Skills - Professional organisational facilitation skills, principles and practice
  • Module 4: Business Acumen for OD/HR - Engage with change and OD projects through the language of line, for business impact
    Between each module, action learning projects guide participants to apply their new tools and learning in the workplace.

* Please note: all four modules must be completed to achieve the Certificate in Organisational Development and Change. However, the ordering of modules may change due to operational requirements.

Who Should Attend:
The programme is aimed at entry-level practitioners who have a need or desire to diversify and solidify their knowledge and ultimately increase their capacity as organisational development and change champions or catalysts.

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