What you will Learn:
Crafter is a two day workshop that brings people together to make “it” happen in a way that goes beyond Porter, Maslow and friends who tell you what to do!

Crafter energises the people responsible for making “it” happen by:

  • moving from names on an Organogram to a Shared Team Bond
  • then into a Shared Team View
  • and finally into a Shared Team Action... 

Crafter uses the universal language of fun and play in a structured way to access the deep-seated skills, knowledge and attitudes of your most valuable assets, your people.

PS. The secret ingredient is LEGO®.


  • Crafting Strategy
  • Crafting Customer Service
  • Crafting Team Spirit
  • Crafting Cohesion
  • Crafting Change
  • Crafting Implementation
  • Crafting Whatever

Delivery Method:

  • Workshop

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