Great Networks



At Tools of Greatness we passionately believe in community and collaboration, seeing them as the key to providing the flexibility and excellence which we wish to offer our clients. Not only do we greatly value our networks, but we actively seek to foster and promote interdependent synergies with them. We view each of our associates, suppliers and clients as partners who are on a mission with us to increase individual, team, organisational and community effectiveness. We choose to partner with people who share our belief in the long-term reward of adding value. Our most important networks are:

The Corps

Our virtual team of individuals and organisations who offer organisational and human capital develpment facilitation, coaching, consulting, training and process development products and services. The Corps offer customisable solutions across a wide and growing spectrum of specialist disciplines. Corps members are hand-picked for the quality of service they offer, their academic foundations, their innovative offerings and approaches as well as their ability to embrace effective and engaging delivery methodologies.

The Clan

The Clan are our support network; those who provide us with brilliant service and the organisations through which we network.

Our venues

This venue listing provides details of the places we have chosen to use, where we have received great service and experienced the kind of milieu which enhances our work.