Holacracy™ Experience by WorldsView Academy


Holacracy™ is a dynamic operating system for the organisation that was developed in the United States by Brian Robertson.

It is a complete operating system for the organisation, embedding flexibility and adaptive capacity in the heart of the organisation.

The name refers to governance by the ‘holarchy’, or the natural structure of the organisation itself. The holacratic operating system consists of three elements:

  • an organisational structure,
  • a governance structure, and
  • three dynamic steering principles.

Holacracy™ has been pioneered in several organisations and further developed in a circle of practioners and consultants. Realise! has been implementing Holacracy™ in organisations since 2008, which has resulted in a contribution to the field with several succesful casestudies.

What will be covered?
This Holacracy™ Experience equips participants with the undertanding and tools needed to start practice Holacracy™ .You’ll be offered the priniples of the system and learn by observation and experience taking time to experiment with and reflect on the core princples of Holacracy™.

Who Should Attend:
Practitioners who want to get a deeper understanding about Holacracy™, a dynamic operating system for organisations, which answers the need for a more transparant and effective way of organising human effort.

Practitioners and Associate Practitioners who want to get a head start on new ideas in the world of Organisation Development. All practitioners (Human Resources and Organisation Development) who want to accumulate Continuing Professional Development points in terms of their Professional Registration with the South African Board of Personnel Practitioners.

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