Initial Recruitment Interview Schedule

by Bioss Southern Africa

IRIS is a quick and inexpensive way to identify the level of work complexity that candidates are comfortable handling, both now and in the future.

IRIS was specifically designed for use with people currently working in the operational levels, from filing clerk to specialist, up to middle management positions. A second version of IRIS is used for graduates with little or no work experience.

IRIS is designed for use by recruitment and personnel officers, line managers, and OD practitioners to:

  • Match individual capability with work requirements at each level in the organisation
  • Identify supervisory or managerial potential for career development, selection of candidates for equity initiatives, and selection of candidates for bursary schemes
  • Ensure that people recruited for specific positions will be in flow with the capability requirements of the position, and that they will be neither over-extended nor under-utilized
  • As an aid to succession planning and to identify “high flyers” for fast-tracking
  • To “chart the human talent pool”, ensure optimal utilization of human resources and assist with career path planning and training and development

The IRIS is a one-on-one semi-structured interview used to assess an individual’s current and future ability (up to 15 years ahead) to handle uncertainty in decision-making.

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