Intro to eLearning

by The African eLearning Academy

What you will Learn:

  • The reality is that eLearning is easy to implement, can and should be driven by the HRD practitioners, and does not require in-depth IT skills.
  • This training programme focuses on giving ordinary HRD practitioners enough knowledge and know-how about eLearning to empower them to design and implement eLearning solutions to performance problems where required.
  • It aims for an approach where eLearning becomes part of every HRD practitioner’s toolbox, as opposed to a separate department.

Who will benefit from attending?

  • HRD Practitioners
  • Organisational Development Practitioners
  • HR Generalist
  • Human Performance Technologist.
Especially those new to eLearning and it’s diverse possibilities.

It is also highly beneficial for new Instructional Designers and Content Developers.

Participants will be exposed to:

  • The Global Trends and Context of eLearning
  • The Business Case for eLearning
  • Various eLearning Modes and Technologies, including
    • Learning Management Systems
    • Social Learning
    • Informal Learning
    • Mobile Learning
    • Performance Support
    • Virtual Classrooms
  • Designing eLearning Solutions
  • Blending eLearning with other Learning Modes
  • Implementing eLearning
  • Instructional Design for eLearning
  • eLearning Content Development Basics


  • The programme is held over a two day period in classroom format.

Delivery Method:
This learning experience is a hands on introduction to the world of eLearning. Participants will be actively exposed to various eLearning formats and roles in this highly interactive experience.

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