Introduction to Team Development by WorldsView Academy


Teams are important for organisational and individual growth and success, and have become a basic building block of many organisations and communities. We are often quick to create a team as a solution to almost any challenge... and yet, teams are not always the ‘silver bullet’ we hope for. Many ‘team building’ solutions exist, but without a solid understanding of the fundamentals, selecting appropriate interventions can be difficult.

This one-day introductory workshop will explore the fundamentals of successful teams and team development, offering insights, practitioner tools and models to make good choices in the creation, support and development of teams.

What is Covered?

  • Understand the fundamentals of team development and the actions and interventions to support teams at any stage of evolution
  • Explore the critical success factors for sustainable, engaged, high-performing teams
  • Understand the appropriate use of teams and danger of creating ‘pseudo-teams’
  • Make authentic, appropriate choices of team development interventions
  • Unpack the relationship between team autonomy and engagement, and organisational responsibility
  • Explore the rhythms and essentials of a team development process
  • Identify common team types and the unique challenges and catalytic development moments for each team type

Who Should Attend:
Internal and external consultants, managers, HR practitioners, organisation development practitioners, change practitioners, organisational and community leaders, facilitators and anyone who wishes to create a foundation for growing their team development competence.

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