LEGO® Serious Fun™


What you will Learn:

  • These workshops are effective as a stand-alone exercise (like ice breakers) when the objective is specific and short term.
  • They promote on-going motivation and are effective when held to build team spirit and address the interpersonal skills and work relationships of delegates.
  • Business issues are addressed with the workshop involving situational learning. Team members work together on team activities and then reflect upon their own behaviour and that of their colleagues.

The LEGO® building enables benchmarking for planning behaviour as also other behaviours undertaken in team activities.

You can choose which team-related behaviours you wish to highlight and concentrate on. Here are a few examples that clients have focused on previously:

  • Team spirit
  • Communication
  • PLOC (planning, leading, organizing, controlling)
  • Leadership
  • Diversity
  • Change
  • Overcoming cultural differences
  • Creating an atmosphere conducive to constructive and creative thinking

Besides taking a serious approach to team building, it’s important to note that the LEGO® brick-based team building exercises are FUN. Adults enjoy playing with LEGO® bricks. They engage the Child in us.

The outcomes are agreed with the client before the workshop is held. Although not a panacea TEAMGEL Serious Fun workshops have been held to date with a number of purposes in mind:

  • to relax and have FUN
  • to introduce strangers to each other
  • to create an environment in which delegates interact in a FUN and sharing manner
  • to create a friendly, FUN and co-operative atmosphere at a conference or business meeting
  • for all participants to co-operate and work together in teams
  • to increase communication between all the participants
  • to motivate all participants
  • to strengthen the cohesion of all the delegates
  • to communicate management messages

Delivery Method:

  • Workshop

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