Modified Career Path Appreciation

Modified Career Path Appreciation (MCPA)
by Bioss Southern Africa

The MCPATM (Modified Career Path Appreciation) is an internet-based computerised version of the CPA – a labour-saving alternative for the full process which can be carried out across time zone and in circumstances as geographically separate as current technology will allow.

The MCPA process provides the individual and the organisation with information about how individuals prefer to approach work and decision making and how this will change and develop in the future, within the context of different themes of work. The MCPA process is founded on the principles of a theory called the Matrix of Working Relationships (MWR).

People grow or shrink their work according to their contextual capabilities, as well as the time horizons in which they are comfortable operating and making decisions. This capability recognized in the MCPA is maximized and enriched by appropriate training, development and exposure. Even in the absence of these factors, individual complexity can still be effectively determined.

The MCPA is the online version of the CPA. It is an internet-based questionnaire validated in a 45min – 1 hour telephonic interview.