MyHealth-CODE MBA Workshop

MyHEALTH-CODE MBA WORKSHOP (Lifestyle MBA – Mind, Body and attitude)
by MyHealth-CODE

What you will Learn:
Established in 2007, MyHealth-CODE (MHC) is a Wellness, Wellbeing, Health and Personal Transformation programme designed to help you succeed! This innovative mathematical formula, whilst appearing complex in nature, is a simple and thought provoking multi-pronged approach to overall wellness, well-being and lifestyle health. The MHC  Lifestyle MBA (Mind, Body Attitude) workshop facilitates self-management and drives the ideas of improvement, integration and ownership. The workshop increases personal energy and related productivity.The use of iconic symbols or art influences people’s conscious and subconscious minds, which helps to quickly absorb best practice principles, and retain them for more sustainable results.

Who will benefit from attending?

  • If you want more energy and vitality
  • If you want to feel more balanced, in control of your life and more fulfilled
  • If you want emotional wellbeing
  • If you want to prevent diseases
  • If you have a chronic medical condition and you want to do your best to reduce it (e.g. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, hormonal imbalances etc.)

It’s about identifying the key subliminal issues that prevent you from achieving holistic wellness and sustainable health. It is a complete lifestyle and mind-set amendment: a personal development programme that helps you re-focuses your attention. The purpose of this workshop is to start you on your journey to a happier, healthier and well individual. In this workshop you will be exposed to what it is that makes it a struggle to reach your life objectives.


  • Over two days or on a weekly basis

Delivery Method:

  • Workshop

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