Nine Conversations in Leadership™ by WorldsView Academy


Nine Conversations in Leadership™ is an innovative leadership development intervention that acts as a catalyst for long-term development of leaders. The intervention is applicable at every level of the organisation and utilises a process that adapts to the organisation's context.

The intervention consists of nine facilitated conversations that occur within a small peer group (comprising of up to ten people), referred to as a leadership cell. The purpose of each conversation is to share and learn from one another's leadership challenges and successes and to co-create ideas and solutions from shared learning and wisdom.

The Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention fuses organisational development and traditional training in a workshop format. It uses 360° feedback, peer coaching and personal development planning to create strong, committed and aligned leaders at all levels of the organisation. The intervention examines leadership in the realms of Head (knowing), Heart (being) and Hands (doing). It brings participants together repeatedly, to explore and cover all aspects of leadership, from organisational leadership to team leadership and the leadership of individuals and self.

Leadership alignment is a critical component for harnessing organisational energy to achieve the organisation's vision, values and strategy. The Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention assists organisations to achieve such alignment.

Self-assessment and peer feedback are key leadership development tools which constitute the foundations of self-leadership and whilst leaders develop through experience, they can accelerate their readiness to lead by receiving constructive feedback. Assessments are made in the areas of knowledge, attitude and behaviour, all of which are developed during the leadership journey.

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