Organisation Development Fundamentals by WorldsView Academy

Classroom Training:

This 5-day interactive series challenges delegates to appreciate and apply the evolving science of organisation development to their work within organisations.

Both in the training room and in the workplace, delegates grapple with the body of knowledge as it relates to the real cases that they bring from their own lived experiences.

Organisation Development encompasses the most sustainable approaches, values, processes and practices available to business leaders today.

What will be covered?

  • Day 1: What is Organisation Development?
    The values, history and fundamentals of OD; understanding organisations and how they develop.

  • Day 2: Applying OD models
    Exploring key OD models as practitioner tools, engaging in the OD process steps.

  • Day 3&4: OD in the organisation
    Understand competencies and tools for applying OD. Explore OD's links to leadership, culture, and strategy.

  • Day 5: Integrating OD interventions
    Link and integrate OD activities across the organisation, demonstrating ROI and impact.

Who Should Attend
Leaders, Managers and Human Resources practitioners who wish to understand and apply organisation development values, processes and practices to drive change in their organisations. As well as OD practitioners who want to be exposed to the establishment and adaptation framework.

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