Oscar Pistorius Article - The Star's Workplace

Janet du Preez and Lynn Andries were featured in The Star Workplace in an article entitled ‘Oscar’s Emotions May Show Why He Dunnit.

As the Oscar trial reaches fever pitch, doubts have been raised about his alleged diminished responsibility for the shooting due to what is being termed ‘general anxiety disorder’. As such , Oscar Pistorius may be referred to an institution by the judge for a 30 day term psychiatric evaluation.

In truth we all suffer from anxiety to varying degrees. SYMBOITA proudly offers a Neuroscientific view on how emotionally charged decisions and behaviour may be influenced by fear or anger. This is reflected in the workplace every day when our brains sense any threat and we default to irrational, distorted thoughts, defensive responses and reduced focus. Disengaged teams cost organisations billions in South Africa through losses in productivity, absenteeism, talent, innovation and profitability.