Protagonist OD Workshops

Transformational learning is achieved through the use of interactive and creative methodologies in our workshops, which are designed to engage participants and to challenge the paradigms and practices which hamper performance.

Lead facilitator, Janet du Preez recently received the following accolades in a peer review forum:

Janet's facilitation was innovative, creative, energetic and thought-provoking. She used powerful metaphors, good exercises, tapped the group wisdom and effectively got herself out of the way to enable the group's engageement and learning. Her programme was well thought-out and organised and she left me wanting to experience the expanded version.

Organisational Biology

Strategic Talent Management


Inspire: Engage


Individual programmes and series can be tailored to the needs of your team and your strategic objectives. Group of most sizes can be accommodated and, if necessary, we have a network of experienced facilitators upon which we can draw. Our workshops can also be structured to complement conference programmes.

Contact us for details of open programmes or to make an appointment to discuss your team's needs.