Relating to Cheese by Dr Renate Volpe Leadership Consulting



Module One:
Who moved my Cheese!

  • The Movie
  • “Horrorscopes!”
  • The Hem and Haw (Internal External Locus of control) questionnaire

Module Two:
I want my Old Cheese back

  • The Changing Work Context
  • Aligning Strategy and Culture
  • A New Contract of Work
  • The difference between Transition and Change
  • Understanding the process of Change
  • Employee resistance
  • Effects on behaviour
  • Reasons for resistance
  • Identifying resistance
  • The acceptance of change
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Managing resistance

Module 3:
Change what you believe to change what you do!

  • Beliefs
  • Who says what is normal?
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The EQ Quiz
  • The neurology of emotional responses
  • Rate your own emotional competence
  • Emotional avoidance the resultant behaviours ( eating, drinking etc)
  • Stages of burnout
  • Processing feelings
  • Risking

Module 4:
What if there is no more Cheese?

  • Negaholism
  • Are you a corporate negaholic
  • Symptoms of negaholism
  • Forgiveness and letting go
  • Visualisation
  • Your “Horroroscope”
  • Autobiography in 5 short chapters

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the changing work context and exploring existing versus required beliefs and behaviours
  • Explaining the details, reasons behind and impact that organizational change has on peoples emotions
  • Exploring how employment contracts have changed from the old to the new psychological contract
  • Demonstrating that it is up to individuals to take personal responsibility for managing change
  • Encouraging the development of an internal locus of control
  • Promoting respect for the dynamic of resistance and encouraging effective personal and other management thereof
  • Enhancing emotional intelligence in the intra and interpersonal relationship context
  • Providing skills which will enable people to maintain constructive interpersonal relationships during difficult times
  • Minimising negativity and promoting constructiveness in a changing context
  • Learning that times will continuously change, that thriving in chaos and learning from the future is essential to competent functioning in the future

Target Group and Business Application:

  • This course can be adapted to any level
  • Facilitators will be matched to the audience level and language requirements
  • Delegate manuals are in English

Duration of Course:
One day workshop

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