Relating to Fish by Dr Renate Volpe Leadership Consulting



Attitude! The most powerful component of Organisational Performance!

Module One – The New Deal
What is culture change?

  • The story of the apes!
  • Going where angels fear to tread
  • The changing work context
  • Learn from the future (Wolfgang Grulke!)

Module Two - View the Movie

  • Fish
  • Watch the movie!
  • Live the experience!

Module Three – Play
Laugh till your face hurts!

  • Ride a scooter at work!
  • Paint with finger paints
  • Watch cartoons
  • Read stories
  • Tell Jokes
  • You won't believe how you can have fun at work!

Module Four - Make their Day
The business of business is Profit

  • Who is the customer?
  • You! Your colleagues! Management! Service Providers! The Community!
  • Customer repellents
  • Enhance the value you add to your company
  • Learn about EVA theory
  • Know the products, the services, improve the processes and increase market share!

Module Five - Choose your Attitude
Attitude is based on four fundamentals:

  • Self talk
  • Managing thoughts
  • Beliefs
  • Self concept
  • What are they, how do they work? Make them work for you!

Module Six - Be There

  • Be in the moment
  • Trust and Games
  • What is mine and what is not
  • Determining risk
  • Establishing boundaries

Module Seven - Realise your Potential

  • Determine your Balance Sheet of Human Capital
  • What are you Liabilities and your Assets
  • Characteristics of personally effective people
  • Commit to making the difference

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and learn to cope with changing corporate cultures
  • Learn skills for taking responsibility and managing accountability
  • Make your working culture more balanced, productive, profitable and pleasant
  • Learn to:
    Have fun at work
    Make your customers’ day
    Be present in the moment
    Choose your attitude

Target Group and Business Application

  • This course can be adapted to any level.
  • Facilitators will be matched to the audience level and language requirements
  • Delegate manuals are in English.

Duration of Course
One to two-day workshop

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