Identify Talent: Engage it Strategically

The TalentID Process is an opportunity for individuals to identify, understand, engage and develop their innate talents.

It is widely recognised that the way to grow people is to build on their strengths and the way to grow organisations effectively is to tap into the strengths of people. When we understand how we are each uniquely wired and how the people in our teams add most value we are able to tap into a deep reserve of unrealised potential. Our TalentID coaching and workshop processes for teams and individualsl build on the foundation of an internationally-renowned strengths assessment to help people to understand themselves and each other and to reach optimal performance


  • Strengths Assessment
  • Individual coaching by a Strengths Consultant

Personal TalentID Process for understanding personal talents

Public TalentID Process for understanding personal talents

In-house TalentID Process for understanding individual talents

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