Team Development by Worldsview Academy

Training Course:

Increasingly teams are becoming a core component of organisational life and an OD practitioner must be fully conversant with the frameworks and dynamics that affect team performance. This two-day module gives students access to a powerful model and process framework to accelerate team effectiveness. By understanding both the long-term dynamics and processes of team development, and immediate leverage points, students will be equipped with the knowledge to select and target team interventions based on their unique organisational contexts to deliver high performance teams.  Students will also be cognisant of the dynamic relationship between leadership and OD in the arena of teams and as such capable of partnering powerfully with team leaders.

What will be Covered?

  • Analyse team challenges in the broader OD context.
  • Find leverage points to accelerate team performance.
  • Apply a team development model and process.

Who Should Attend:
Consultants, team leaders, managers, community leaders, Human Resource practitioners, change agents, OD practitioners, and any other person with training and facilitation experience with teams or groups.

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