Team Success Story: Vision and Values Alignment


What you will Learn:

  • Creating and clarifying a vision all can own with values all can align with
  • Avoiding misunderstandings, misappropriation of resources and missed targets
  • Identifying behaviours that express the vision and values
  • Aligning to a shared vision so that you can focus action, resources and attention on growing your business

Module 1: What are the company’s vision and values and why should I care?
This fun, creative and participative process help team members:

  • Realise the importance and necessity of a shared vision and values
  • Identify their own values in conversation with those of the company
  • Find the words that help formulate the fision and values
  • Clarify their personal contribution to realising the company vision
  • Build relationship with team members around shared values and vision

Module 2: What behaviours can achieve success for the organisation and for me?
Building on the previous module, help your team

  • Discover the behaviours that already bring success
  • Identify actions that can accelerate the achievement of the company’s vision
  • Recognize which practises, processes and policies do not support the vision and values
  • Let go of the behaviours and beliefs that hamper success
  • Formulate a personal commitment statement that can drive action

Delivery Method:

  • In-house workshop (creative participation workshop)

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