The Neuro-Savvy Leadership Series


What you will Learn:
These short workshops provide an overview of the brain’s approach to emotional responses, attention, decision making, innovation, teamwork and change.

  • Neuro-Savvy Responses: participants learn to lead in a Socially Intelligent Way and to know how the brain modulates emotions and responses, reduces stress and thinks more clearly.
  • Neuro-Savvy Innovation and Decision Making: enhances Team Performance and Focus.
  • Neuro-Savvy Collaboration: demonstrates how to optimise Teamwork and Collaboration through understanding the brain.
  • Leading Neuro-Savvy Change: shows how to build Resilient, Change-ready Teams.


  • Develop the self-awareness to understand how we think, act and lead best
  • Understand how to create a rewarding and engaging workplace
  • Understand  the importance of emotional regulation in leadership
  • Test strategies to help control emotional arousal- putting on the brakes
  • Have insight into the impact of met and unmet  Expectations
  • Know how to facilitate self-change

Session 2

  • Understand why leaders need a healthy ‘Thinking Brain’
  • Understand the effect of stress on clarity- despite uncertainty, leaders have to act
  • Know the impact of distractions on performance and how to focus and get things done
  • Plan how to create a stimulating environment that supports insight
  • Practise  improving  goal achievement and realise your leadership vision
  • Grasp complexities that distort decisions and be aware of your own defaults and agendas


  • Be aware of the brain’s response to a threatening environment, its effect on lives and reputation and profitability
  • Learn why Fairness is the gateway to team success
  • Know how to build a climate that nurtures trust
  • Learn a  brain friendly model with the clout to meet your team’s needs
  • Have the opportunity to grow your Leadership agility and solicit views that challenge your own
  • Understand why the brain supports the leader as coach

Session 4

  • Understand your role as Change agent, growing a change-fit team 
  • Be aware of the importance of certainty and autonomy in the workplace
  • See that change should not be a separate event
  • Know how to build trust and buoyancy onboard your corporate ship
  • How to maintain a calm focus midst turmoil, building your credibility as empowering captain
  • Have planned a new approach to delivering Neuro savvy feedback
  • Know how to Lead Goal pursuit

Delivery Method:

  • Full Programme - Four, four hour sessions, one week apart
  • Short Workshops – Four hour impactful sessions
  • Lunch Hour Presentations
  • Keynote Address / Workshop / In-house / Training
  • Coaching and Mentorship

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