Titanium Trust – A NeuroScience Approach to Trust Leadership

TITANIUM TRUST - a NeuroScience approach to trust leadership

What you will Learn:
In the Titanium Trust Leadership Programme, leaders learn, through experiential, goal oriented facilitated learning. Workplace application continues throughout the process. The process includes Pre- and Post- Intervention measurement.

In addition, leaders learn:

  • To develop a rewarding, empowered and motivating environment.
  • Create an environment conducive to trust, productivity and profitability .
  • And understanding in a compelling, awe inspiring way how the brain works.

Managers grasp what Trust Leadership is, courageously recognizing their own emotions and the impact their responses can have on their people and performance. They make the personal changes first and ultimately facilitate a bully-free, engaged workplace.

  • Raised Self-awareness: Understanding the brain’s response to both rewarding and threatening experiences.
  • Enhanced Self-management: Understanding Emotional Regulation and developing a strategy toward authentic leadership
  • Build the Social Intelligence to positively influence, build trust and reduce conflict.
  • Facilitate effective teamwork and collaboration, supporting a growth mindset.
  • Developing a brain-friendly and bully-free approach to building a “Change-ready” Team despite volatility and crisis.

Delivery Methods:

  • Full Programme - four, four hour sessions, one week apart
  • Short Workshops – four hour impactful sessions
  • Lunch Hour Presentations
  • Keynote Address / Workshop / In-house / Training
  • Coaching and Mentorship

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